Boys Camp

Dates: August 3-8, 2019

SAM_0229Boys’ camp began in 1999 and each year we have watched the camp grow. Campers and counselors continue to return to camp each year; in fact, several campers begin a camp count down for the next year the moment camp is over! Camp Melody is blessed to have the best counselors, many who have been volunteering a week each year, committed to making a difference in young men’s lives.

 Also, camp is full of activities, beginning early in the morning and continuing until late in the evening. The activities include archery, skeet and target shooting, a rope-challenge course, a zip line, canoeing and much more. In addition, the campers get the opportunity to go one evening and camp out in a lean-to in the woods. One of the highlights each year is the camp battle, where counselors challenge campers to an epic event.



Each year the camp has a theme for the week, which God uses to touch the young men’s lives. One young man shared his testimony, saying he had been getting into a lot of trouble in school. That year the theme was brotherhood. He explained that he had watched how the counselors treated each other, showing respect and caring for one another. The camper made a decision that when he went back to school, he would pick new friends that were respectful and made good choices. He said it changed his life and he was now excelling in school.

Camp Melody places emphasis on spending time in God’s Word, challenging the boys to spend 5 minutes a day reading, praying, and applying God’s Word. It has been exciting to campers grow strong in their faith and even come back to Camp Melody as counselors! God is using Camp Melody to make a difference in young men’s lives that will matter a 1,000 years from now. Come and be a part!

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